Wake Up With The Alarm Dick

November 16th, 2009

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Sandra’s a real sleepyhead! She can sleep through the loudest alarm, which is why she’s usually late for work despite several warnings. Determined to get her to shape up, her boss drops by her apartment one morning and finds her snoozing through her alarm. He’s about to leave when he sees that she’s got no panties on! Instantly horny, he sneaks through her bedroom window and carefully touches her pussy to see if she’ll wake up. She doesn’t. Success!

Watch Sandra’s boss hump her tight snatch in this steamy video clip. He manages to diddle her clit to get her fuck-tunnel all lubed up, then he slowly eases his hard-on inside. Soon he’s screwing her hard, but she’s still asleep. And she even snores through the hot sperm facial she gets in the end!

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Fucked and soaked in cum

November 15th, 2009

Ira looks so sweet and innocent but this babe
is about to show you what a dirty little anal fuck slut she really is. She’s
hungry for some hard cock and she’s not gonna stop till she’s had it in every
one of her tight holes. Watch this horny slut get throat fucked and ass fucked
and the soaked in hot sticky cum.

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Busty Amateur Humps In Her Pantyhose

November 13th, 2009

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Check out Greta’s humongous boobies! They look awesome bouncing up and down while she’s humping a big, fat cock. And yesterday she fedex the ante because you can also enjoy watching her firm legs while she’s getting pounded in her nylons. Check out her free video clip here to see a little bit of the incredible action.

Greta’s legs are usually ignored in favor of her juggs, but she also wants a lot of attention drawn to them. Lucky for her, her lover’s a leg lover who goes crazy over girls in stockings. That’s why they didn’t even bother to remove those nylons — just a little rip in the crotch, and it’s sexy time, baby!

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Sleepy Sunbather Bathes In Sperm

November 10th, 2009

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Whenever she’s got time, Karla enjoys sunning herself in the buff under her skylight windows. But today she dozed off and her frisky brother-in-law dropped by, catching her in all her naked beauty! After making sure she’s really asleep, the horndog strips off and starts licking her cunt and asshole. Watch this muff-munching video clip right now!

Apparently getting her pie eaten isn’t enough to wake her up, so the guy rolls her over and begins fucking her. She’s still snoring through the entire screwing session, and after several minutes of sneaky cunt-humping, her fucker dumps a huge load of spunk on her face!

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Mom And Her Chick Share A Hunk In Bed!

November 9th, 2009

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Click here to see exactly what this video still is all about! You definitely won’t be sorry when you find a pretty stacked MILF moaning loudly as her lover stuffs his meatwad deeper and harder into her babymaker. She’s so fucking horny, the guy has to grab onto her humongous titbags to keep her from bouncing across the room, LOL!

But that’s just one part of the action, ‘cuz waiting for her turn to be banged is the MILF’s lovely daughter! That’s right, the mom-and-daughter team both take turns riding the lucky punk here, and they also share his hot boner juice in the end. If this doesn’t get your mojo up and running, nothing will!

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Lusting for his hard cock

November 8th, 2009

Angie is one cute little babe who has never
fucked on camera before. Watch the action and you can see just hou nervous she
really is but she wants that big cock and nothing is going to stop her from
fucking her brains out on it. The cheeky bitch is gonna get fucked so come on
in and watch her sweet pussy get hammered.

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Mom’s A Dirty Influence!

November 5th, 2009

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Jade and Kay love taking on a sexy young fuckstud together; nothing turns them on more than a sizzling menage-a-trois. The kicker is that Jade is Kay’s mom! And yesterday they’re fucking one of Kay’s college classmates, who happened to drop by to borrow some notes. Well, he’ll sure be hitting the high notes as the slutty twosome give him a double blowjob that tightens up his nuts in pleasure. Check out their steamy video sample right here.

The hardcore action keeps on going as Kay and her mom take turns riding the guy’s massive hard-on. You’d think that Jade would teach her chick better morals, but because she’s such a whore, her daughter also ends up as one. Which only means one thing: more pussy, more fun!

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Dirty Momma Likes ‘Em Young!

November 3rd, 2009

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Heather’s a super-hot MILF whose motor gets running for hunky young studs. Watch her take a massive shlong deep into her warm n’ tight cunt until she cums! You’ll also get a kick out of watching this sex fiend’s
massive titties
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Leaving her tight ass gaping

November 1st, 2009

Anna is one sexy little babe who loves to
fuck but this time we decided to give her something special. She still had
her anal cherry when she walked into the room but it was well and truly
gone by the time she left. Watch as this horny little blonde gets her ass
fucked for the first time.

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Pounded By The Help

October 29th, 2009

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Many times, lonely and horny husbands and daddies wind up screwing the young and hot babysitter or cleaning lady. Not in Erin’s case. Here she gets pounded by an older househelp who finds her fast asleep and half-naked. After all, if you had easy access to a sexy, naked gal who happens to be out cold, wouldn’t you at the very least think about burying your whang in her hot hole?

This young hottie has always been careless about the way she sleeps, and her folks keep warning her about locking up before she dozes off. But she never listened to them, so now her cute virgin pussy is paying for it! What’s more, that old bastard who’s been shafting her had decided to leave a trail of sticky cock-goo on the sleeping girl’s face, to say that he’s already marked his territory!

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